IstanbulOYA Offers Handmade Arts&Crafts
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About Us offers versatile Turkish handmade arts and crafts, mainly OYA

Oya is the Original name of the lace handicraft, you find in my shop
Also called as Turkish lace since it is so unique in variety, quality, color and appearance compared to normal lace.
We produce and sell Turkish needle lace and crocheted lace OYA and SCARVES.
Oya is one of the most elegant examples of Turkish handicrafts and traditionally it is an edging embroidery mainly for scarves

All products are collected with top care for authenticity and rareness. 

They carry all the characteristics of the regions they are made.

We are located in Istanbul, Turkey.

We can handle big orders at high quailty specs.

If you are visiting Istanbul, we would be very glad to see you in our shop.

We are located in the world famous Grand Bazaar and very easy to reach.